Why do I need this course? I am doing great moneywise.

Oh great! We are Glad to know that you are doing great moneywise and otherwise. But if you are still struggling to manage your money,wondering why you are left with no money by mid of the month,your creditcard bill is giving you sleepless nights,the playstation you want seems to be out of your league.You need this workshop more than anyone my friend.

Google Baba Hai Na?

You might find anything and everything on the web,but how do you know that it’s the right fit for you.We help you understand how you can manage to meet your money goals,we teach you to choose your investments not the other way round.

My Advisor Knows Best, I Trust Him for My Investments!

It’s great to have your trusted advisor to depend on,but how do you know your investments support your goals rather than your advisor’s commission goals. An Informed decision keeps the trust intact.

Are There Refunds?

Given the digital nature of the product,we don’t have a refund policy.

Is this an online course?

This Workshop is completely online,scheduled on weekends that adds to the flexibility of learning.

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