Workshop & Guide on

Financial Planning & Investments

  • Concrete Financial Foundation – Yes there are ground rules?
  • SMART Goals – Goal Identification
  • Current Value of Goals – Your Goals, Your Numbers
  • INFLATION & its Impact – Even God cannot save us from Inflation
  • Future Value – GullakNinja can definitely not predict your future. But the value of money? Ya sort of.
  • Wealth Creation Recipe – Early the investment, better the harvest
  • Investment Instruments – Jargons made simple
  • Asset Allocation – Explained
  • Taxation – Let’s be good citizens

Gullak Ninja Plans


$ 99

Per Month
  • For our Kachcha Limbu’s age between 14-18
  • For their Pakka future
  • Kids are introduced to basic concepts of Money Management
  • Must have Financial Instruments & documents as they will become adults.
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$ 99

Per Month
  • For 18+ crowd to avoid any Financially awkward situations in life
  • Get your adulthood started on the right foot
  • Introduction to the concepts of Money Management
  • Introduction to Financial Instruments
  • Goal-based planning to achieve Financial Independence and goals.
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